Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Christian Worldview

While reading James Boice I came across a good example of the importance of a biblical worldview.  For a long time scientists used the Ptolemaic model of the universe as their model in astronomy.  Since in this model the earth was at the center, quite understandably they would make mistakes in their calculations as they tried to chart the planets and such things that astronomers do.  In fact, it was difficult to progress very far since new information kept contradicting the old information that was taken for granted.  It wasn’t until Copernicus came along and established that the earth was not at the center but instead revolved around the Sun which in turn was one star of many in just one of millions of galaxies that scientist were actually able to progress in astronomy.  It was then, for instance, that Isaac Newton was able to develop the laws of gravity.
The lesson to be learned here is that if one lives his life with a presupposition that completely misses the meaning of life, things are not going to work out very well.  A Christian world view as taught in the Bible is that God is the center of the universe and that he is the reason for life itself,  Rom 11:36  For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.  For most people Self is at the center of their universe and this is a faulty premise that has far reaching ramifications.  Now it isn’t that such a view won’t give you some service, just like the Ptolemaic model seemed to make some sense at one time.  Let’s face it, yes, our education systems are teaching our children that they are nothing more than smart animals and that they will die like dogs and that will be it.  This doesn’t hinder them from also teaching them enough to get a job and in some cases get along in society well enough so that they can reach old age in some measure of comfort and happiness.  But is this model of life going to get the job done?  I would answer that while it is functional on one level, no, it will not get the job done.
By teaching us that the material world is all there is, one of two outcomes is going to result.  On the one hand you will live only to have as much fun as you can and amassing as much material as you can because after all, you only go around once in life.  But on the other hand, others see that this is rather selfish and does not concern itself with the world’s betterment very much so they try to live to varying degrees with the goal of being a help to mankind.  While on the surface these two types of people might appear like they live by completely different worldviews, in fact, they both live by the same defective model of life.
In both cases neither of them have God’s will and glory as the motivation for what they are doing.  So in both cases all of their actions, even the most charitable works are counted as not only worthless before God but are considered sinful and worthy of his eternal displeasure.  This is why we read in Pro 21:4  An high look, and a proud heart, and the plowing of the wicked, is sin and in Isaiah where we read that all of our righteousness deeds are as a polluted garment.  In both cases they assume by sinful human reason that it was ok to live life as they wanted to and not as God wanted them to.  On top of this they have failed to find forgiveness for their rebellion in the only Name under heaven by which a man must be saved.  The result is that they have kept their bodies alive for a time but they have failed miserably to understand why God gave them life and so in the end they miss the mark and will spend eternity in Hell.
On the flipside, when God opens a sinner’s eyes to his need of Christ and reveals his glory to him.  He is changed and begins to live life as he is supposed to; not that he is the center of life but that God is.  Now he is able to make sense of life and use it in the way it was meant to be used.  Now when trouble and trial and afflictions come, he understands why because he is using the right model.  The lost see trials only in how they affect his fun and comfort and completely miss the point and so miss an opportunity to glorify the Lord and instead further dishonor him.
Let’s be careful to learn well what the Lifegiver says about life and so be able to live life well; in such a way that we please our Savior and find eternal reward.  Our premise of life will make all the difference.

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