Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Christian's Relation to Politics and Culture

I recently came across a couple of podcasts from Ravi Zacharias’ website that I strongly recommend you listen to.  Os Guinness and Stuart McAllister are interviewed about how the church should relate to the culture around it.  The name of the programs are “Evil and Modernity”.  What I really found helpful was their take on the American church amid the political and social mess we find ourselves in.  I think they correctly called on us to focus our attention on Christ and the Gospel and not getting involved in the culture wars.  If you find yourself wondering what your role as a Christian is in American politics and other cultural situations, this will be a most helpful program.  They also deal with the different way Christians in other parts of the world under persecution look at the church in America.  It is in two parts and the second one really brings it all together.  Enjoy.
Evil and Modernity, Part 1
Evil and Modernity, Part 2

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