Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts On Hell

There is no question that if anyone believes in Hell, he or she would live differently than someone who does not.  But one difference between the way the religionist lives and the true saint of God lives is that the religionist is good because he doesn’t want to go to Hell, the child of God is obedient because he isn’t going to Hell.  If you don’t understand that give me an email because that is rather important.
Why do so many find it hard to believe in Hell even when Jesus clearly speaks about it and more than he does of Heaven?  Mostly I suppose because they have no sense of the holy glory of God and so have no sense of their own sinfulness.  We might illustrate this mindset like this.  Why is it that many have a problem with the murder of a child and call for the severest punishments of those so guilty but many of these same people find it an awful thing to mention God in public, let alone teach our children that he made us and that we ought to obey him?  Are they not valuing man above God?  The same might be said of those who easily and militantly call for the murder of the unborn because they believe the mother has sole rights to her body but fight with equal fervor any claim of God on their lives and are usually the ones who don’t want God mentioned in public.  “I rule my body, not God”.  Have they not also placed more value on man rather than God? 
It is interesting that in Proverbs 6:16-19 when God mentions 7 things he hates that he doesn’t mention child molestation and rape and racism at all (Yes, he does hate those things) but the first thing he mentions is a haughty look.  In our society, a haughty look is praised.  In your face self assurance is generally considered necessary for success.  But God knows that when we get rid of our pride and put him first, all the other things go bye-bye.  Pride sees man as good and God’s glory as somewhere close to man’s and then we actually think that God shouldn’t be particularly upset with this.  Such thinking just has no concept of sin.
But nothing proves that there is a Hell like the fact of the cross.  If Christ had to go through the rejection of the Father for our salvation, do we expect any less for our rejection of he who the Father loves supremely?  Can such casual disregard for the glory of God go unnoticed?  If it could, Christ would have never been sent to the cross

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