Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Do Hawks Perch Themselves on Power Lines?

So the other day I am driving down the road on a beautiful November morning and I see a hawk perched on a power line by the road waiting for a field mouse or some such critter to run out into sight in a freshly combined corn field and I begin to think about why he is perched there and why it might matter to me.  I came up with three reasons.

The first one I suppose I learned in grade school so many years ago I can't be sure when I learned it.  Birds of prey keep the rodent population in check along with foxes and coyotes and other things.  God created the earth's ecosystem to function in harmony with each other and a few species can even go extinct and it still works pretty well.  There are some insects though that if they disappeared life on earth would pretty much disappear.  The earth is an amazing place.

Then it crossed my mind that he is also perched there so that I can see it as I drove by and this might be a more important reason than the first.  Hawks are beautifully designed creatures from their looks to their function.  I love to watch wildlife and nature for this very reason.  So such things, actually all things exist so that man can see God's handiwork and have thoughts of praise and worship of God and just sit back and delight in his power and wisdom as he watches his creation do what it was created to do.  The hawk sits there so I can drive by and marvel at God!

Then as I drove further down the road thinking about all this another reason came to mind.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the hawk was sitting there because God finds pleasure in his works as well.  After all as he created this world he kept pronouncing everything good.  God was enjoying the hawk before I drove by but what a privilege to be able to join in.  I think I am going to try and put a little more effort into worshiping God outside the church as I do inside.  Do not all things exist for his glory anyway?  Everything that is going on around us is a reason to praise the Lord.  It might take a little thought to figure out how but believe me everything that happens is so God can be honored especially by the Redeemed.

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  1. There is hardly a day that goes by but what I'm amazed at how God has ordered things. I like thinking about the big and the small of His creation. There is beauty and order from the grandest view, such as what we see in pictures from the Hubble telescope to the smallest, such as what a feather on that hawk looks like under a microscope-
    Order cannot come from disorder, no matter what the evolutionists want to claim. Only an infinitely creative God with a perfectly intentional plan can create, and keep together, such a beautifully diverse universe. In HIM we live and move and have our being. Amen.