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They Are Coming For Our Children

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Genderless Baby


The above link is not pleasant to read for a Christian. I tend to think that more Christians ignore the pervasive, perversion of morality all around us today rather than take the time to have a clear defense if confronted by those who support the "gay" agenda. I have been listening this month to the link (found at the right of the page) of Alpha and Omega Ministries. James White has been dealing with this subject and speaking to Dr. Michael Brown who just wrote, A Queer Thing Happened to America. There is no question that these people and those that support them are making an all out effort to silence any biblical voice that suggests that such sins are wrong, immoral, dangerous to society and are sins at all. I believe a case can be made that this is where real persecution of Christians will come from in America before too long.

One "Gay" activist made it very clear that tolerating homosexuals is just another form of bigotry. If you don't support and celebrate such alternative lifestyles then you are just another intolerant bigot. School systems and businesses that don't follow this agenda are the subject of intense pressure. If you listen to these podcasts from James White you will see that things in America are very serious. They want exclusive rights to educate our children and we had better be prepared to draw the line here if at no other place.

In the above links we read of a couple who have decided not to tell anyone, even the grandparents, what gender their third child is. They don't want society to impose their views of what gender he or she is supposed to be, but instead they want their children to decide for themselves who and what they should be. If you read far enough you will find out that traditional views of gender roles are "stereotypes" which, of course, immediately puts a negative connotation on things.

There are a lot of things wrong with this from a biblical as well as a natural and sociological point of view but I want to mention one that should be familiar to Christians. We have to be able to see through all the twisted logic and see this for what it is. The fact of the matter is that God has already identified who this child is. All any of us have to do is to look between our legs and immediately we know who we are. God has given us roles and duties to carry out that are gender specific and he has not left it up to us to decide to be something we are not.

This is rebellion against God's authority which means that anyone who does this or sympathizes with it cannot be a follower of God and instead are obviously given over to an evolutionary, naturalistic view of life. They must see our gender as merely an accident of nature because only this view can allow someone to think it is ok to ignore what "nature" gave them.

Another reason we know this is sinful and godless is because it is the exact same sin that led to the fall of Adam and Eve. God had given them roles to carry out as created humans which basically was to put God first in everything and they decided that they would choose their own destiny. God's response was to plunge the world into the curse of sin and its effects. The first chapter of Romans tells us that the natural man suppresses the knowledge of God and the authority of God. And when people continue to do this and will not submit to the Lord he makes it very clear that pervasive homosexuality will be part of his judgment. And so the Bible explains where we are as a society and it did so two thousand years ago.

I don't write this to just bash such people and I am not trying to stir up anger and ill will towards them. This is the "Gay" activist's tactic and there is too much at stake for this. These people, like all of us, need the gospel and we should make it a point to do so if we have the opportunity. Secondly we need to make sure that our children understand at the appropriate ages what the Bible says about gender and sex and openly explain from a biblical standpoint why perversions are wrong and dangerous to individuals and society. Thirdly we need to understand their tactics and the failure of their arguments so we can speak intelligently with them and not just resort to name calling.

We cannot ignore this because it is unpleasant to think about. This world is openly trying to brainwash our children into thinking that there is nothing wrong with their behavior and making them think that to criticize them or even disagree with them is bigotry. We have to be aware of their tactics. The podcasts of the first half of May from James White will be beneficial and necessary even though unpleasant.

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