Friday, September 23, 2011

Our God Does Not Forget

We all know the story of Ahab and how sinful he was.  Perhaps nothing demonstrates his sin like when he allowed his wife Jezebel to kill Naboth so he could have his vineyard.  In 1 Kings Elijah makes it very clear that God would not let this go unpunished and the punishment in part would be that his dynasty would come to an ignominious end with the violent death of his descendents.

In 2 Kings 9 we see that God has not forgotten Ahab's sin and that now, through Jehu, the time has come for him to avenge his saints.  But what is wonderful to behold is the unmistakable irony and justice in which the Lord brings it to pass.  As Joram, Ahab's then reigning son, goes out to meet Jehu, presumably to see how the battle is going, he has no idea that Jehu has been commissioned to execute justice on Ahab's family.

But it is the matter-of-fact way the Lord tells us about this in his Word that I find so amazing and comforting.  In verse 21 we read that they "just happened" to meet next to Naboth's vineyard, "and met him at the property of Naboth the Jezreelite."  Lest the reader has forgotten of Ahab's despicable sin and God's promise of judgment, he causes the setting of the judgment to be at the very place that sums up the reason for Ahab's judgment.

One little phrase reminds us that nothing happens by chance, there are no coincidences in God's universe, everything has meaning and we are wise to think things through and live in light of the fact that this is our Father's world.  It is our primary duty to honor him in all things and those that will not can know that God knows their names, he has not forgotten their deeds and judgment is coming.

In light of this, this poor sinner is glad to be washed in the blood of Jesus for without the cross no man is prepared to meet this God who will judge all sin either in Christ or in those who remain obstinate.  He is One who will not forget the smallest of infractions against his holy character and yet is gracious to save all who trust in him.

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