Sunday, July 29, 2012

The New Litmus Test

With the events last week concerning the owner of Chick-fil-A we see some of the results of the spiritual climate in our country.  For merely taking the biblical stance that marriage is only between a man and woman he is being ridiculed and told by some cities that his business is no longer welcomed.  Christians need to understand that the homosexual agenda has every intention of making this the new litmus test in society as to whether you can “buy and sell”; much like the Romans did when they required all citizens to utter the words “Caesar is Lord” to expose who was a Christian or not. 
Right after this came out in the news I heard some in the national media refer to him as a bigot and a hater thus demonstrating their inability for rational thought.  But remember, he merely stated a biblical position.  It is obvious that the left doesn’t want any position but their own stated in the public forum and are even trying to enforce it through legislature.  As someone rightly stated, “They have two tenets, free speech and shut up”.  Everyone is allowed to speak freely except those who disagree with them.
The ramifications are chilling when one will think back to Nazi Germany when all opposition was silenced and we are seeing America and western culture take the same road.  Already in Canada they are passing laws that makes saying anything negative about the homosexual lifestyle a hate crime.  Mind you, not doing physical harm but merely disagreeing with them.
I fear that many Christians are too used to having it easy in America and will be unwilling to take a stand in these areas.  Perhaps we might try to justify it by thinking that this isn’t about Christ and the gospel so why make a big deal over it.  But my point is that it is being forced on us and deliberately so and to compromise by accepting homosexuality as not a sin is to deny the clear teaching of Scripture.
Just because someone comes along after thousands of years and says that they believe the sky is all of the sudden red doesn’t mean that it is no longer blue.  Jesus stated very clearly that marriage is between a man and a woman and it was pronounced so at creation.  Those that say he didn’t address homosexuality then are just showing their refusal to think rationally let alone respect other opinions.  Remember, the Bible also teaches that any sexual intercourse outside of marriage is sinful so same sex intercourse can never take place in an acceptable way before God.
But isn’t this what happens to generations that are told that the Genesis account isn’t to be taken literally; that there was no Adam and Eve because there is no God and therefore no Law?  Any way you slice it all this is an attack on the authority of God’s Word and therefore God himself and Christianity.
I know there are those who through the years have disagreed with pastors who try to show how important it is to study the Bible, to be faithful to all the church services when possible thinking that we make too much over all this.  But we see the result of not taking God and his Word seriously and therefore not being careful to teach your children the Bible and to make the preaching of God’s Word a big part of their life.  Just as bad, they then send their children to the public schools to be taught the exact opposite from what God’s Word teaches and make little to no effort to combat this. 
The Bible alone gives man the proper worldview and to remove yourself from its influence is to condemn yourself and the culture to secular humanism which always implodes on itself.  It is like the law of physics that states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  You can’t deny what the Bible says and you can’t live like it isn’t important without serious consequences.  It is a Christian’s calling to state clearly what the Bible teaches about any subject come what may.  I fear many times Christians are silent because they don’t know what the Bible even says about many subjects.  To be silent dishonors God’s Word and eventually will bring down a society.  I offer America as a prime example.

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